Turn the Into the Job You Want

Topics: Employment Pages: 2 (549 words) Published: January 20, 2013
Critical Appreciation
The article highlights upon the exercise of Job Crafting which is a tool for revitalizing and redesigning your work life. It essentially involves restructuring your job to incorporate your motives, passions and strengths. The article codifies two examples of Fatima and Ivan and shows how they applied job crafting in their respective professions. The article highlights how the job crafting perspective implies that tasks and interpersonal relationships that make up a job are a flexible set of building blocks that can be restructured, reorganized and reframed to construct a customized job. The before-after framework as shown in Fatima’s case emphasizes upon how your current activities can be analyzed and how they can be further changed in order to create a sense of fulfilment in your job by factoring in your motives, strengths and passions. Job Crafting permits cognitive reframing of one’s work. It allows altering boundaries of the job to be altered by expanding or diminishing the scope of certain tasks or by changing how the tasks are performed. Job crafters can change their relationships at work by altering the extent of their interactions with other people. The article does not dwell much upon the possible negative side of the exercise of job crafting. Even when crafting is beneficial to the individual, it could be totally out of sync with the company’s goal. For instance, a marketing manager may want to craft his/her job by spending more time developing new branding ideas but the company could want to focus on the current strategy. Negative job crafting could also include avoiding communication with your supervisor if it makes the employee feel better but that could be detrimental to the organization dynamics.

The article does not mention if any measure is followed to keep a check on the extent to which an employee can craft his/her job. A job crafting might lead to undesirable results which could...
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