Turn Off Your Computer

Topics: Credit card, Card Security Code, Fraud Pages: 3 (1292 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Turn off Your Computer
Computer! Computer! Computer! I cannot imagine what my life would become without it. What will I use to type up report? A pen? What about finding research? Rely on library books? All these alternatives will consume lots of my time and not be very efficient. There are a lot more things that I rely on my computer for and without it I will be lost in the middle of nowhere learning new solutions to resolve the situation while I can complete it effortlessly using my computer. Having my computer is like having the world, I can be anybody when communicating with others, shopping on line conveniently without going far, playing games for free all day long, and best of all watching movies online without paying a dime. Computer functions are not as idealistic as it seem because as the people become addicted to computer, they are not only harming themselves, but also harming the new born generation.

In the article “How Computer Addiction Works” Ed Grabianowski stated “computer addicts withdraw socially as they spend more time on the computer.” Whenever people are hooked up with their computers, they usually refuse to go out because they want to spend more time with their computer. Over the server, there are always new things to discover, and I can never get enough. Having a full meal is not important when I’m hooked up with my computer. When I’m hooked up with my computer, I often eat only junk food like chips, cookies or anything that I can find in my refrigerator. My stomach was always felt full, and nothing else can go in except fast-food. I stop paying attention to the amount of calories that junk food provides which sometimes cans double the amount of a real meal. As a result, I notice that I start gaining weight frequently, but still I cannot leave my computer. Besides spending time in school, I lie on my bed and surf the internet using my computer for the rest of the day. I begin to love the feeling of not doing anything, not going out, not...
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