Turkish Letters

Topics: Ottoman Empire, Roman Empire, Holy Roman Empire Pages: 3 (923 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Liah Nguyen
History II
20 February 2013
Turkish Letters
Ogier Ghisenlin de Busbecq was the ambassador of the Holy Roman Emperor at Sublime Porte from 1555-62. His job was to represent the Holy Roman Empire in the Ottoman Empire. In his position, he was able to witness how the Janissaries, the infantry of the royal guards, played an important role in the rise of the Turkish state. While there, Busbecq noticed the well diverse political system. Almost anyone could have a high ranking. Busbecq highly admired and respected the Ottoman Empire.

The Janissaries were royal guards that put fear and terror in everyone’s minds. They protected the Christians and the Jew from violent mobs. This showed that the Janissaries were very important in the Ottoman Empire in protecting the state. They gave the sense of security to everyone currently living in the empire at that time. “They are scattered through every part of the empire, either to garrison the forts against the enemy, or to protect the Christians and Jews from the violence of the mob.”1 One thing about the Janissaries is that, they don’t favor any one religion. They protect all from barbarity and wrong doing. It gave the sense that various religions could practice their own religion without fear of harassment. Janissaries were known for their proper etiquette. As Busbecq had said multiple times, “… if I had not been told beforehand that they were Janissaries, I should, without hesitation, have taken them for members of some order of Turkish monks…”2 When he was there the Janissaries showed not only respect but very poised etiquette. They followed every rule. “…then they would run back to the door almost as quickly as they came, taking care not to turn their backs, for this, according to their code, would be a serious breach of etiquette.” 3 Though they showed much kindness, they were feared almost everywhere. “The Turkish monarch going to war takes with him over 400 camels and nearly as many baggage...
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