Turkey Raising Farm

Topics: Meat, Management, Livestock Pages: 9 (2873 words) Published: October 1, 2012
Chapter 1

Turkey is popularly known as “Pabo” in the Philippines. It is a bird species that can be eaten and belongs to the poultry family. It occupies an important part next to chicken and duck. Turkey, as everyone knows, isn’t that popular in the Philippines as it is in other countries like the US, where it is considered a must staple during their Thanksgiving celebration and other official holidays. However, the continuous search for alternative healthy meats has made a lot of Filipinos interested in turkeys. Compared to chicken, turkey meat has practically no cholesterol, has higher percentage of protein and even has selenium, which according to nutritionists, is a natural antioxidant. “Production and consumption of meat worldwide has more than tripled since 1961 and could double from now until 2050 or standards of living increase and population continuous to boom” (Sen. Angara, E. Manila Bulletin, Views/Comments/Features (2010, Jan.31) pp.11). One factor that affects the demand is the population, since this study produce one of the daily needs of humans which is food. Turkey Raising Farm, name of the study, will provide variety to consumer’s preference when it comes to eating meat here in the country. Raising Turkeys is similar in raising chickens but it requires more attention and care. Giving a new trend of meat to Filipinos will satisfy their needs for exotic food. It may not be as easy as to offer chicken or meat from pigs to the market but with proper marketing and management and plus the fact that people have to eat.

Background of Information
“As usual, Agrilink (which integrates Foodlink and Aqualink) is participated in by private companies and government agencies showcasing a wide variety of products, technologies and services. The private companies include a good numbers of firms from other countries like China, Korea, Taiwan, The United States, France, Germany, United Kingdom and others. Emphasis this year is on good agricultural practices aimed at helping those in the business in farming to become more competitive not just in the local market but also abroad” (Sarian, Zacb. (2010, September 5) Philippine Panorama Agri-Talk. Here comes Agrilink Again, pp 18-19.)

The above report had shown that there is a huge opportunity in farming if it will be executed right with the help of the different programs conducted here in the country; farming is increasingly becoming an important part of local agriculture. A turkey raising farm can be a good business that is profitable and sustainable for small farmers in the countryside similarly to those farmers raising other livestock.

“Half of all farmland that trades in the United States never sees a broker. We believe you’ve got to have a lot of local knowledge of the market place. Farmers are smart and they talk. And if one town car full a Wallstreet types rolls into town and makes a bid, suddenly all of the prices go up” A Nebraska farm girl who went on a globe-trotting career or a derivatives trader for Goldman Sach and then as a hedge fund executive in London, Warner 4 is back on the farm pursuing what she believes is a huge money making opportunity. (Soros, George (2009, June 22) FORTUNE, Buying into Agriculture, pp 66.)

The above statement signifies the importance of determining the target market to avoid middleman that causes the price of the product to increase before it reach the market. It happens commonly to the remote farmers in the province. This is one of the factors that influence the project’s objectives in distributing the product in the market.

“We are advocating a healthy lifestyle through eating healthy food. And turkey is the best choice for meat. Why turkey? It offers more protein per portion than chicken, beef or pork. Athletes eat it for greater stamina and endurance. It is richer in calcium than any other meat. A very good source of cancer-protective selenium, a 4 oz of turkey meat...
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