Turkey Israel Relations

Topics: Israel, Turkey, Middle East Pages: 7 (2750 words) Published: February 6, 2013
Turkey-Israel Relations
Hera Qasim

Turkey-Israel relations have altered over the years from being covert in the early years to being overt in epoch of 1990’s. However contemporarily the relations are perceived to be in a detrimental phase and they have hit a rock bottom. Both the Countries are located in the Middle East and major neighbouring countries of Turkey are Syria, Iraq and Iran whereas Israel is also borders with Syria. This paper will mainly focus on the reasons that bought about fluctuation in their correlation, in order to fully deem the future prospects of these two similar yet different states. Paper will also take into account the similarity that was commenced by the isolation from the Arab states and the cultural compatibility of both the nations nevertheless the dissimilarity is mainly ensuing to the poles apart religious thought of both the states. Apparently this diversity in thought is the main cause behind hostility that has developed between the two states in the past as well as in the present.

In order to deeply understand the relationship between Turkey and Israel, it is very crucial to analyse what influenced Turkey to recognize Israel as a state in the first place. According to (GONCA)Middle East is a region of conflict because of the diversities of religious and ethnic groups, in such circumstances there is a dire need of mutual trust and corporation in this region. It is noteworthy that Turkey and Israel are completely opposite in religious perspective, as Turkey being a purely Muslim country but then again having influence of Europe had always pressurized by its neighbouring Arab countries not to have relations with a Jewish state. Despite such interferences from the Arab community Turkey recognized Israel as a state in 1949 primarily because according to (Abadi) policies of secularism introduced in Turkey by Kamal Ataturk moved Turkey away from the Arab community and brought it close to the Jewish community (Israel). Israeli’s who were finding ways escape solitude thought it as great opportunity to establish ties with a neighbouring country Turkey. (Cevik Bir, 2002) pointed out that Israel was always very keen to develop friendly ties with Turkey but it did not receive any constructive feedback for strengthening the relations .Turkey Israel relations provided Israel with a golden opportunity to prosper in the Turkish territory because in the past Jews were brutally treated in the Arab Community and were kept as hostages. Turkey was the first Muslim country to take such a bold step of recognizing Israel and officially forming ties with it. Later, however, Egypt also established its ties with Israel. Turkey-Israel ties during this early period is an indication of how one man’s policy can have an impact on the establishment of relation with a completely different nation. This helps in doing the level analysis that plays an important role in International Relations. Diplomacy between the two countries flourished during the Ataturk regime. The relation didn’t halt after the recognition because according to (Abadi) in 1958 , both state’s prime ministers secretly met in order to establish the debates held by the Israeli politicians that Middle East was not merely for Arabs and Muslims. According to Ben Gurioan (known as the founder) of Israel, Turks, Persian and Jews can overpower the Arabs. This goal can be achieved by forming ties with such Turkey. This secret meeting pact is known as the “Peripheral Alliance’’. The main purpose was to promote public relations between the two states and also to support each other in military advancement. This bilateral relation advancement was a positive move towards the establishment of the friendly ties. It was an indication that both the states had realized at an early stage that relation between them is inevitable. Smooth relations however did not remained accommodating between the eras 1960 to 1980. One of the major reasons was the demise of the...
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