Turkey Energy

Topics: World War II, Cold War, Middle East Pages: 1 (279 words) Published: January 1, 2013
Turkey's energy dependence and energy security

Today, energy has important place in human life and international relations. With the industrial revolution, human beings have become more dependent on energy. The importance of oil has increased with the opening of commercial oil wells. Because, oil was advantageous than from coal. Economic developments has increased people's dependence on oil each passing day more and more. Use oil for vehicles, military equipment, defense vehicles has moved to very important place for countries defense. Now, meet to uninterrupted oil need has been important issue in foreign policy. This requirement has started race to control energy reserves among the states. We can understand importance of oil with Winston Churchill's this words, “A drop of oil is more valuable than a drop of blood”. Today, oil and natural gas is not only a need, has been also political pressure tool in foreign policy. Because, some countries is source countries, some others is dependent countries. In the cold war, control of energy resources has been very important for super-powers. A control race has been started in the Middle East. Energy requirements of United States had increased and US has become more dependent on oil. This situation has led to U.S. the development of strategies for energy. Truman explained that with these words. " In 1950's, The rest of the free world consumed little more than half of U.S. consumption. Some industrial countries will have to import large amounts of fuel, and the most important way to ensure that they will have to buy oil from the middle east”. With these words we can understand the importance of oil and the Middle East.
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