Turbulent Times: Danielle's Managerial Skills

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  • Published : March 4, 2012
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* Tonya Mattis
Our class assignment was to view the video, Turbulent Times and answer several questions concerning Danielle's managerial skills. Danielle is newly hired plant manager at the Numi Tea Company. I first wanted to understand just what kind of business is Numi and how the company was founded. Numi is a Middle Eastern dried teasan. Numi has a distinct, tart citrus flavor and is an oasis of health. Numi in Arabic means citrus. The Numi Company was founded by a sister and brother team, Ahmed and Reem Rahim. After spending many years apart traveling the world and pursuing interests in art, Ahmed and Reem met up during a family vacation and discussed starting a tea business. The company was named after the teasan drink that the sister and brother team drank as children. The Numi Tea Company was started in 1999. After carefully observing that the competing brands in the United States tea market differed little from one another in quality, consistency, and selection, Numi was created in Oakland, California. The company's hallmark is super-premium organic and Fair Trade Certified Teas and herbal teasans made with 100% real ingredients.

I watched the video several times and I was very impressed by Danielle's managerial skills. She earned the respect of her employees. Although her predecessor was also well liked, Danielle managed to not only earn their respect but to also create a friendly, trusting work environment. She worked alongside her employees and emphasized that she is not a boss, she is a worker. She showed her employees that if she asked them to do a job, she could do it as well. She seemed like a true go getter. Throughout the video you could feel the enthusiasm. All the employees were very pleased with the way Danielle had transformed Numi. Danielle's predecessor was well liked but lacked the innovation skills that Danielle brought to Numi. Danielle strives for continuous improvement. Cindy, the Customer Service Manager noted that she often times...
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