Tupac Shakur

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Tupac Amaru Shakur
I. Introduction

Tupac Shakur was not just your average man. Throughout his life he acted as

different people, a poet, a revolutionary, a thug, and/or some would say a gangster rapper.

But the things that you endure on this Earth are all in God’s hands. When you sit and

actually take time to listen to the situations Tupac spoke on and how he examined the

world, and because of his modesty and humility he has been exalted. A king cannot

crown himself he is chosen, and Tupac was chosen by his fans to be known as the

greatest rapper of all-time. But is that what he wanted? Was God’s plan on this Earth for

Tupac to be crowned the greatest rapper of all time or was he put on this Earth to signify

something like Jesus did? To shed light for the many years of people to come. If not a

regular man, an Angel? In the 2003 movie, Tupac: Resurrection, he claims “Throughout

my life, I just want it to be like an angel for God. Do something where I could be of some

help. And I can do that…All I have to do is tell a story and reach you and get some kind

of feeling from you. And then get the moral across.”

So In this paper I will examine the life of Tupac Amaru Shakur, and what

encouraged him to speak on the situations that he did in his lyrics.I want you, the reader,

to understand that Tupac was not just your average person, but in his own way was a new

found revolutionary who struggled to get his full purpose across because of the

government’s bashing.

II. Family First- The Shakur Family

Tupac was born into a revolutionary family. The Shakur Family was located on

the East Coast and were members of the Black Panther Party. At the time the Black

Panthers were an organization that symbolized Black Power, just blacks bettering

themselves. The Panthers named themselves “the protectors of blacks against police

brutality.” The Panthers came about from a movement to re-open public schools in the

New York area; they provided school kids with breakfast and wanted equality for blacks.

They toured the streets of ghettos with guns to protect their own from police harassment.

The Black Panthers believed the only way to achieve black liberation was to form a black

militia armed with enough fire power to fight the oppressive white government. But on

the other hand, they opened schools and medical clinics. The government went into a

state of sudden fear when the Panthers started; they felt the Panthers were detrimental to

American society.

The Abba or Father of the Shakur family was El Hajj Sallahuddin Shakur. He was

the biological father of two Panther leaders, Lumumba Abdul Shakur and Zayd Malik

Shakur. Abba accepted anyone who related to his beliefs and taught them an

understanding of standing up for justice. Afeni Shakur was not born into the Shakur

family, but was born Alice Faye Williams. She had a high position in the Black Panther

Party, and soon married Lumumba Abdul Shakur. The two were a part of the New York

21 case, in which Lumumba was arrested for bombing a public building. Even after Afeni

and Lumumba split, she kept the name Shakur.

Tupac Amaru Shakur was Afeni’s first child and was the son of William

Garland (a former Black Panther). Billy Garland never really took the responsibilities of

being a father figure to Tupac. So, later on Afeni married Mutulu Shakur, another brother

who took on the lifestyle of a revolutionary. Together they had one daughter and one son.

Mutulu was also arrested and charged, 60 years of imprisonment for helping plan the

robbery of a $1.6 million dollar Brinks trunk, shooting a police officer, and helping his

sister Assata Shakur escape from prison in which she would flee to Cuba. Assata was also

a follower of the Shakur family and beliefs, and was adopted into this family around

1973. While in prison,...
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