Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Black people, African American Pages: 2 (453 words) Published: June 22, 2008
Tupac Shakur was a man born into poverty who knew all too well the struggles of black men in the late twentieth century. Tupac’s many achievements in bringing about racial equality have placed him among the few great civil rights advocates of his time. Tupac embedded his message of equality into his verses allowing it to reach many, and even in death his teachings continue to show us that there is hope for a brighter tomorrow and that no one should give up hope in the future.

The controlling message in Tupac’s rhymes was the strength of the black man and the inability of his will to be broken. Tupac having been involved in gangs and drug pedaling as a young man knew the temptations of such actions and hated that his race was subjected to such a lifestyle. To try and bring about a change he appealed to the children by distributing rap albums. Again with one controlling theme, there must come an end to this racism that exists. The words of Tupac gave mixed messages and in some cases rather than contributing to the empowerment of black people influenced them to commit crimes against on another. As he grew older he realized that you cannot make peace with violence and tried a different route. His new songs like “I wonder if heaven got a ghetto” and “changes” showed Tupac’s true message and sent a ripple through the black community. They defined his purpose and reach his fellow African Americans on a scale he never thought possible.

Tupac’s continued attempts to bring about peace included Helping to expose the police brutality that had been occurring against black men at that time. His controversial words showed people that the life of an impoverished black man is one of little opportunity and nothing to hope for. In exposing these truths he put his life on the line in the hopes of one day gaining a better lifestyle than their current struggle. He knew that no one would respect black people until they started respecting themselves and so he urged them with all...
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