Tunku Abdul Rahman

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Prime Minister of Malaya / Malaysia
31st August 1957 - 22nd September 1970

Thefamouspeople.com stated that, Tunku Abdul Rahman was born on 8 February 1903 in Istana Pelamin, Alor Star in Kedah to the 24th Sultan of Kedah, Sultan Abdul Hamid Halim Shah and his sixth wife Cik Manjalara. He was the fourteenth son and twentieth child of his father. As a child, Tunku Abdul Rahman was raised in Isatan, the Palace, which was built by a Chinese contractor and had royal childhood with a number of servants around him. Tunku Abdul Rahman was sent to a Malay Primary School Jalan Baharu in 1909 and was later moved to the Government English School in Alor Star, which eventually became known as the Sultan Abdul Hamid College. In 1911, Tunku Abdul Rahman was sent to Debsirin School in Bangkok to study with his three brothers.

After that, Tunku Abdul Rahman returned to Malaya in 1915 and resumed his studies at Penang Free School. In 1918, he enrolled St. Catherine’s College in Cambridge University with the Kedah State Scholarship and graduated with a bachelor degree of Arts in law and history in 1925. At that time, Tunku Abdul Rahman drew national attention and was praised as the first student to receive a scholarship from Kedah State for studying in the United Kingdom.


According to scribd.com (2010), Tunku Abdul Rahman worked in the Kedah public service and was appointed as District Officer of Kulim and Sungai Petani after returning home. In colonial Malaya, almost all the District Officer was British and Tunku Abdul Rahman was the only Malay District Officer at that time had the people’s interest at heart. This made him cross paths with the administration many times. However, scribd.com (2010) further stated that, the British Administration in Kedah could not do anything as he was a prince and the son of the Sultan.

Later on, Tunku Abdul Rahman returned to England to complete his law studies at the Inner Temple but was force to stop in 1938 and, on outbreak of World War II, he returned to Malaya.

(scrbd.com 2010)

About his family and children, Tunku Abdul Rahman believed to have at least four marriages in which only three are officially confirmed. His first wife was Meriam Ching, a Chinese woman who gave birth to two children that are Tunku Khadijah and Tunku Ahmad Nerang. After her death, Tunku Abdul Rahman married Voilet Coulson, his former landlady in England. He divorces her and married with Sharifah Rodziah Syed Alwi Barakbah and the couple adopted four children which is Sulaiman, Mariam, Sharifah Hanizah and Faridah.



According to virtualmalaysia.com (2010), Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj has always been a revered Malaysian leader who had made immense contribution to the country. He is Malaysian charismatic and transformational leader because of his success in convincing British to give Malaya Independence and also for his sacrifices in bringing Malaysia from colonialism to Independence. It is self-explanatory why Tunku Abdul Rahman is known as the Father of Independence. Tunku Abdul Rahman had become the first prime minister of the Federation Malaya from 1957 to 1963 and of Malaysia from 1963 to 1970.


According to virtualmalaysia.com (2010), Tunku Abdul Rahman leadership skills were unveiled in England. He realized that the number of Malay students had increased but they were not represented by any organization. He showed initiative, leadership qualities and a nascent nationalism in the way he got them together to established the Malay Association of Great Britain (Kesatuan Melayu Great Britain). He was then elected as a secretary of the association.

When Tunku Abdul Rahman left England to continue his studies at St. Catherine’s College, Cambridge University, Tunku Abdul Rahman were then first taste of...
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