Tunguska Catastrophe: Evidence of Acid Rain Supports Meteorite Theory

Topics: Tunguska event, Impact event, Meteorite Pages: 2 (789 words) Published: September 18, 2008
Tunguska catastrophe: Evidence of acid rain supports meteorite theory

The Tunguska event in Krasnoyarsk Kari, Russia has been debated by scientists since it occurred. The event occurred around 7:14 on the day of June 30, 1908. That morning an enormous explosion rocked Krasnoyarsk Kari. The destruction was spread for miles. Estimates report that over 80 million trees were flattened and the earthquake caused by it would have been a 5.0 on the Richter scale. Many scientists believe that the event was caused by a meteor or comet exploding before it hit the surface. Other scientists however, believe that it could have been a UFO crash, a natural hydrogen bomb, and some people at the time of the event believe it was the end of the world. The force of the impact that hit the Earth was estimated between 5 to even 30 megatons. That is as much force as that produced by the Castle Bravo Thermonuclear Bomb detonated by the United States.

Recent findings at the site of Tunguska event might help scientists find the true answer to what caused the explosion. According to Russian, Italian, and German researchers the event spawned a lot of acid rain in the area. Scientists took many samples from peat levels of the area. These findings show that heavy levels of nitrogen and carbon isotopes 15N and 13C were in the soil. The highest accumulations occurred near the epicenter of the blast. These samples also showed iridium and nitrogen in the peat layers. This means that tons of acid rain had poured on the surface. This would be caused by the high temperatures at the time of the blast. The temperatures would cause oxygen in the atmosphere to combine with nitrogen oxides. This would cause severe acid rain in the area. These findings are supportive of the fact that the event was caused by something from space, because for oxygen and nitrogen to combine like this in the atmosphere the temperatures in the atmosphere would have to be extreme. These high temperatures are...
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