Tumbang Lata

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Chapter 1


Background of the Project

Technology constantly changes with time. It is an inseparable partnership between man and society. It provides an efficient, effective and enjoyable platform to entertainment, communication and occupation making it a necessity in society. We incorporate technology constantly in our daily lives, whether it is in the machines at home, transport we take to school, personal gadgets and even in the games we play. Mobile gaming is not new today. Mobile gaming is one way of enjoyment and entertainment. Smart phones have opened mobile gaming to a wide audience. 1 But any industry is driven as much by where it came from as where it is going, and any good historian should tell you about what's happening now. For instance, many of the companies we talk about today rose during the turn of the millennium where the dot-com boom was still becoming popular and people really did believe the mobile internet would change the world. 2 The human race has always been fond of games. From the stone ages people have been playing games. The form and content of the games have changed during the ages but one thing that has kept gaming alive is the fun and entertainment people obtain from games. Games are an integral part of human life. The traditional games and popularity of modern games like basketball, football, cricket and tennis among all the age groups is an indication of the importance of games in our everyday life.3

The project team proposed the game “Tumbang Lata” which came from the original game “Tumbang Preso”. This tumbang preso game is composed of several players with the slipper as their “pamato” used for striking the empty can beside the “taya”. The tin can is placed in upright position 6 or 8 meters from the throwing line. A player is drawn as the prisoner (usually through a system like Jack en Poy). The prisoner will guard the empty tin or container. The other players stand at the throwing line. They take turns throwing their "pamato" at the empty tin, trying to knock it down. As soon as the can is knocked down, the prisoner must put back the tin in an upright position before he can tag any of the players attempting to recover their "pamato". If the "pamato" becomes too close to the tin in an upright position, the prisoner can step on both with one foot, the owner of the "pamato" becomes the new "prisoner". The prisoner can also tag the players while recovering their "pamato" outside the throwing line. After each throw, a player must recover his "pamato". If the owner of the “pamato” was tagged by the prisoner before he reaches the throwing line, he becomes the prisoner in the next game.5 People always search for what is new and unique; this inspired the project team to create a mobile version of “Tumbang Preso”, a game that will remember the traditional games of Filipinos and at the same time still be entertained. Players can choose from different weapons to hit the “lata”. In this game, there is only one player that will hit and knock down the cans depending on how many cans are asked for each level. It is composed of 10 unique stages to play. The game will not resume if it is accidentally closed but it will be retrieved on the last stage of the game being played. Playing folk games, traditional games, recreational games, community games, ethnic or indigenous games, or whatever the designations are, have been an important phase of growing up. “Where there are children, there will always be games. And the world has never been without children”.5

Purpose and Description
Tumbang Lata is designed to enhance mental alertness and hand and eye coordination.

The aim of this project is to develop a twisted version of tumbang preso, a game that comes with 10 unique stages. More obstacles will appear every time the player progresses to the next stage which will make the game more challenging. The purpose of this game is to give enjoyment and at the same time let...
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