Tumasek Pewter: Performance Appraisal

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  • Published : October 1, 2010
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The Company
Tumasek Pewter is an organization manufacturing pewter. Tumasek Pewter is the second best-selling pewter company in Malaysia. Their strong competitor is the Royal Selangor Pewter. There are 7 branches altogether internationally and locally. In Malaysia, they have 4 branches including in Penang. Internationally, they have 3 branches. There are two in China and one in Singapore. They have countless employees in these places. But the focus is on the Tumasek Pewter which is the Kepong branch. The Kepong branch of Tumasek Pewter had over 600 workers plus the top management. About 500 of them are factory workers who work with the machines. The rest are from the marketing department, design department, production department, and operations department and so on.

The Objectives
Like every organization, Tumasek Pewter do conduct performance appraisal as well. It is the process of evaluating the job performance by all of the employees in the organization. By doing this, it also helps by stating the strengths and weaknesses of the employees. There are many objectives why they conduct the performance appraisal on each and every employee. Performance appraisal gives data that could help to describe the promo-ability and potential of every employee. It is also an important aspect for management succession planning. This is usually the top management. It helps to make things easier and clearer for the top management. Performance appraisal also acts as the determinant of the human resource strengths and weaknesses so that the human resource department could ‘repair’ the weaknesses and turn it into strengths. The completion of performance evaluation is significant in predicting the performance of job applicants. This would decide whether or not the particular employee should be promoted or get an increment in wage. It is for the purpose of career planning and development for both employees and the organization. Managers can use the performance appraisal to council employees and assist them in developing and implementing their career plans. Organization could gain profit through good and well-developed employees. Performance appraisal provides information that helps the organization to make decision on compensation programs. One of the objectives also include that the performance appraisal data are frequently used in several areas of internal employee relations such as promotion, demotion, termination, layoffs and transfer.

The procedures
Tumasek Pewter conducts the performance appraisal annually. Every year once, they will be having the performance appraisal. As for a particular employee that is employed during the performance appraisal period, the employee will be evaluated and judged by the company’s probation appraisal. The performance appraisal will last for about a month. Tumasek Pewter’s performance appraisal is a very simple and brief appraisal which conducted between the manager and the employees under him. It is simply because Tumasek Pewter does not want the managers to focus to much on the employee appraisals as they have better and more important tasks to do. They believed that the performance appraisal should not overshadow the company’s production. They want quality production and do not want to focus too much on performance appraisal. They practice a good balance in maintaining good quality in the production and employees.

It is conducted by managers and subordinates. The most amount of evaluation to be made is by the operations manager because he has over 400 workers to evaluate. In the company, the employee will not be told they are on supervision by their managers. It is only till the second week of the appraisal period that the employees are told that they are under the appraisal period. Each employee will have a one on one talk or briefing with their departmental manager. The conversation will be recorded as well as an evidence the managers conducted the appraisal with his subordinates. After...
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