Tuition Reimbursement: a Benefit for Employers

Topics: Baby boomer, Employment, Baby Boom Generation Pages: 4 (1318 words) Published: September 12, 2008
Due to the ever changing landscape of the business world many employers often send their employees to attend trainings and seminars. Though this specialized training sessions are costly the return a company gets from it is worth the investment. A company that constantly sends its employees to school to acquire a fresh and new ideas has a greater advantage than a company that do not offer such benefit.

Tuition reimbursement is one of the many benefits an employer offers to attract a potential employee or keep a good employee in their company‘s work force. It is important for companies to send their employees to trainings or schoolings because the data used in everyday business world is changing rapidly. The importance of acquiring new equipments for any company is vital for maximizing their productivity and profitability; but any manager knows that fresh ideas are the key for selling a product. That’s why investing on employees’ educational advancement is an advantage for any business; because improving employees’ educational knowledge not only creates a better working environment it also increases the company’s productivity because of a better trained and well educated workers. Because of fresher and newer ideas acquired from trainings schools or universities an employee could apply theoretical to real world would in-turn translate to higher profits for the company.

Offering tuition reimbursement for employees
“Tuition reimbursement and an allotted time for adult learning creates, at some sort , a sense of loyalty from within an employee to stay with the company. Tuition is much like a shoelace tying together self-improvement and a way to boost productivity through a better educated workforce.” (Shultz, S., 2007., Baltimore Business Journal) From big corporations to small business operations, managers and corporate leaders are acknowledging the advantages in sending their workforce back to school to acquire new ideas. Some misconception of company...
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