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Topics: Education, University, Higher education Pages: 2 (484 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Tuition fees have been something to concern of many parents and students in the past decades. People sometimes say that nothing is for free. There must be some reasons for people to say that. Likewise, there are many reasons for higher education (colleges and universities) to have tuition fees. Paying tuition is the price for more knowledge and more motivation. Paying tuition fee for higher education make people know the esteem of studying. In fact, when people buy something value, they will take good care of it. They can spend thousand, even million dollars to get a car or a house, so it is reasonable to pay education fees. The good thing when we invest in education is knowledge, and from the knowledge, we are able to run a business or get a good job which help we get whatever we want. Also, professors spend many years for their education so they deserve a well pay. Colleges and universities usually pay well for their good staffs. As a student, I would like to attend to a good quality college or university. It is necessary to spend money on education. Paying tuition fees also a good pressure. “Paying fees could induce students to demand and draw a better quality service from universities and complete their courses more quickly.” (OECD, 1998c) In addition, nobody wants to pay lots of money for the classes and be failed. The fees make student be more concentrate in their studying. Students usually study harder at the high pay schools and the students don’t want to work hard go to cheaper school. It is always good for people to have motivation in life especially when we study. It is right to pay for tuition fees. Moreover, we are in the 21st century, getting higher education wont be a loss. People even pay more to have better education because of many advantages. First, we will get better school with good professors. It promises the best teaching quality for the students who pay well for the schools. Also, when they pay a lot for school, they wont want...
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