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Sentence Outlines

A sentence outline is developed in the same way as a topic
outline, but the ideas are more fully stated. Each heading is
expressed as a complete sentence, usually, but not always,
consisting of just one main clause:

Thesis: Though many students from middle-income families must
struggle to meet college costs, low-income students suffer even
more because of the ways in which colleges and federal agencies
distribute aid, advertise it, analyze students' needs, and
"package" the aid provided.

I. College costs often exceed what middle-income families can
comfortably afford.

II. But low-income students face greater obstacles to higher
education than middle-income students do.
A. Federal programs now work to the disadvantage of low-
income students.
1. With funding for grants "disproportionately
lower" than funding for loans, fear of heavy debt
makes low-income students unwilling to borrow.
2. The half-cost rule hurts low-income students
more than it helps middle-income students.
3. Besides cutbacks in federal aid to education,
cutbacks and restrictions in other federal
programs also penalize low-income students.
B. Colleges are generally neglecting low-income students.
1. Better-off students are squeezing out low-income
students even at public and community colleges.
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