Topics: Scientific method, Science, Sustainability Pages: 4 (1019 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Introduction: Towards a Sustainable Future

1. What Factors brought about the collapse of the Easter Island civilization? How did later contact with the rest of the world affect the islanders? * The collapse of the Easter civilization was because of the barren and eroded land, there was overexploitation of the forest which caused the soil to wash away into the sea since there were no plant roots to hold water. Because of the eroded soil there was no agriculture. This cause starvation and disease. * The contact with the civilized world brought them venereal disease and the Peruvian slavers raided the island taking 2,000 islanders to the South America slave trade.

2. Cite four global trends which indicate that we are ¨still losing the environmental war.¨ * Population growth and economic development.
* A decline for vital life-support ecosystem.
* Global atmosphere changes.
* Loss of biodiversity.

3. Define sustainability and sustainable society.
* Sustainability- a system or process that can be continued indefinitely, without depleting any of the material or energy resources required to keep it running. * Sustainable society- Is a society in balance with the natural world, continuing generation after generation, neither depleting its resource base by exceeding sustainable yields nor producing pollutants in excess of nature´s capacity to absorb them.

4. Define sustainable development and state some its features. * Sustainable development- Is a form of development or progress that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs. Referring to a continuous improvement of living standards by economic growth.

5. List five transitions that should lead to a future sustainable civilization. * Coastal/marine systems
* Fresh water systems
* Agricultural lands
* Grasslands
* Forests

6. Describe the origins of the stewardship...
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