Tuesdays with Morrie Essay

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  • Published : November 24, 2012
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Tuesday's With Morrie
The movie Tuesday's with Morrie tells a story about a successful sports reporter for the Detroit press (Mitch) who sees his former college professor (Morrie) on a TV documentary, and learns that he is dying from 'Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis(ALS), which is a disease that slowly breaks down muscle tissue. Mitch begins to visit Morrie every Tuesday learning many life lessons from Morrie. Before Mitch learns that Morrie was diagnosed with ALS he was a man who was afraid to show his emotion, consumed by his job, which took over his life, therefor he had no time for himself or his girlfriend Janine, Mitch was also stressed all the time in his life. In the beginning of the movie Mitch always seemed on the move. He would constantly go to one city to the next reviewing sports events, for his job. Even when Mitch was not on the go for his job. He was constantly on the phone, trying to finish due dates for his articles, and surfing sports channels. It seemed like Mitch did not have time for anything in his life, and he was blind to it. Mitch's girlfriend Janine felt like Mitch was just trying to fit her in his life. Mitch was not seeing what he really needed in life because his job was in the way of everything important to him. Mitch' s boss seemed to control Mitch. When Mitch's boss said he need something done, or wanted Mitch to go somewhere to review a sports event he was on it no matter what he had planned. Mitch's boss controlled him, and did not see how important Mitch was to the job, until he quit. Once Mitch began meeting with Morrie he began to realize that there were a whole of things important in his life than his job, like family and friends. Also Mitch learns that he should not let his boss control him because his boss needs him more than Mitch's needs his job. Melendez 2

Mitch was also a man who was afraid to show his emotions. In the movie Mitch told Morrie that he does not cry. Mitch told Morrie'' the last time he he cried was...
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