Tuesdays with Morrie

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  • Published : November 19, 2006
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Morrie Schwartz was a smart professor who was struck with ALS. He believed in many things and his aphorisms are what kept him on his feet. He taught Mitch about love, death, and life and how to live it to the fullest. He also taught him how to appreciate life and everything that comes with it. In the novel Tuesdays with Morrie, morrie's aphorisms are his everyday life lessons.

"When you're in bed your dead" (Albom 131). Instead of sitting around your whole entire life, do something. Morrie didn't sit around and complain about how he was going to die, instead he used it to teach others about life and death. He taught people that even doing the littlest thing counted. He lived each day as if it were his last and taught others how to do that too. He makes us think, what are we doing with our lives and are we accomplishing what we want?

"Once you learn how to die, you learn how to live" (Albom 82). Once you face death, you learn to appreciate life. We need to take advantage of life more so that we have something worth living for. We were all put here to accomplish something but we first need to understand our selves before we know what we need to do. When morrie realized that he was going to die he paused and thought, "Shouldn't the world stop? Don't they know what has happened to me?" (Albom 8) In that moment he learned how to appreciate things and take advantage of the opportunities that came his way.

"Don't let go too soon, but don't hang on too long" (Albom 162). Don't give up on something too quickly, but also don't rely on it too much. We like to rely on things and expect to get far in life, but there's also a time when we need to learn that we can't hold on to some things so we have to learn to let go. For example Morrie didn't hold on to the fact that he was dying, he would grieve for a while but then he would let it go because he didn't want it to take up the entire time that he had to live.

Realizing what we have in our life and using it to...
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