Tuesdays with Morrie

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  • Published : March 16, 2011
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In Tuesdays with Morrie, the protagonist, Morrie Schwarts has allowed other people to conduct research on him, allowed people to follow his journey into death, and most importantly allowed Mitch to hear his story to share with others explaining why Morrie is interesting. Early on Morrie is told he has ALS, and starts to lose his ability to accomplish strenuous tasks. Instead of feeling sorry for himself he decided to make death his last project. “Study me in a slow and patient demise. Watch what happens to me. Learn with me” (Morrie 10). He looks to the positive side of things and expects to become a human textbook as other research him until he dies. Morrie is not embarrassed to be dying, he does not want to be isolated from the world because of ALS instead he wants to try to live with dignity, courage, humor, and composure. Morrie shares his “aphorisms” with people for words of encouragement. In a television broadcast, Morrie does an interview with Ted Kopple. He wants to prove the word death is not just another synonym for useless. Morrie allows Mitch to hear his story before he tells anyone else. Mitch is trusted by Morrie because they have been friends since grade school. Morrie says that a little bit of him is resembled in Morrie, and from their first class hoped they would be friends. He becomes Mitch’s teacher, friend, and a father-like-figure. Sitting at a table at Morrie’s house, Mitch uses a voice tape recorder to record their conversations so Mitch can hear and learn from Morrie when he is dead. Mitch feels like Morrie does not like the tape recorder when in fact, Morrie wants to use it and Mitch to tell his story.
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