Tuesdays with Morrie

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  • Published : May 26, 2013
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Learning To Live While Dying
Morrie Schwartz a seventy-eight year old professor takes the challenge of looking death in the eye. During his demise his sidekick Mitch Albom a former student of Morrie helped aid his past professor in his self-study of him decaying. As he conducted his research characteristics that unraveled through the book were optimistic, courage, and appreciativeness.

First of all, Morrie’s optimism is shown at the begging of the book when he states “study me in my slow and patient demise. Watch what happens to me. Learn with me” (57). No matter how much pain his illness has caused, he manages to stay positive. Mitch is devastated to see his professor wilt away. In contrast, Morrie explains to Mitch that it’s only horrible if you think that way. In essence it is good that he knows how much time he has so he can say good-bye to his loved ones. Secondly, another characteristic of Morrie is courage. “In the morning he went to the synagogue by himself because his father was not a religious man and stood among the swaying men in their long black coats, he asked god to take care of his dead mother and sick brother” (75). This shows that his illness did not trigger his courage and has been this way since his youth. In addition Mitch states that his “courage” and “openness” gave him an enlightening perception on life.

Lastly, his appreciativeness progressed each day as his illness escalated. When he discovered that he is terminally ill Morrie had an epiphany and detached himself from all materialism. For example, “After the funeral, my life changed. I felt if time were suddenly precious” (15). At that moment he realizes wants most important and is thankful to have the opportunity to have one last journey. Another example is when he states he knows time is extremely short but is appreciative of the fact he is huddled around the people he loves.

Thus, Morrie Schwartz was a professor at the age of seventy-eight and was a teacher...
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