Tuesdays with Morrie

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  • Published : April 19, 2013
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Running Heading: Tuesdays with Morrie Brief Meaning of life Paper.

Tuesdays with Morrie
A Brief Meaning of Life Paper
California State University, Northridge

Annmarie (Connie) Villegas
Social Work 502
Professor Paez
March 22, 2012

Tuesdays with Morrie takes the reader through a captivating journey of one mans life during his time of death and another mans journey to self-realization. By coming together both men found a sense of meaning through the path they walked together before the end of one mans days. In this novel Mitch Albom discovers that his life is crumbling down due to his company going on strike. He was a columnist who was always traveling and working; this was put above his family. During his struggle to gain a sense of what he is doing in life, he came to find an old friend who was a former professor of his. That professor was Morrie, an older man who had been on the television talking about his experience of aging and battling a debilitating disease. Mitch and Morrie finally met and from that day forward every Tuesday, till Morries’ passing. Mitch would fly in every Tuesday for his weekly lecture, however they called it his last Thesis, both would talk about an array of subjects and each other views on each topic. As the months had progressed Morrie had withered and Mitch began to become more involved because he wanted to hold onto what little that he could of his dear professor. On the last day of Mitch and Morries weekly meetings Morrie was finally ready to say good-bye and had ended the thesis. During the time of Morries death Mitch had came to the realization that Morrie waited and passed on a Tuesday, which was the day both got to share their most intimate thoughts with one another. This paper will out line the journey of both men and how they grew through this journey.

Who Do you think got more out of their Tuesday meetings ? Mitch or Morrie? In what way? How do you think each would answer the question?

In this selection I feel that Mitch got more out of their Tuesday meetings. Towards the end of this novel Mitch comes to the realization that “it is never too late in life”. (Albom , 1997, p. 146) Through his talks with Morrie he came to realize that family is the most important aspect of life because that is all you have at the end of the day. Morrie talks to Mitch about how we becomes so entranced with having an abundance of friends, but in the end the only friends that are there are our loved ones. They are the ones who come to help in the time of need, they will be the only ones there to hold your head or wipe your bottom. Morrie talks about a dear old friend and how forgiveness is an important aspect of life. During a time of need Morrie though his friend would comfort him and be there for his ill wife. Although Morries friend did not come to his or his wife’s aid he felt remorse for sometime. Later Morrie goes on to tell Mitch how awful he felt when he had found out that his beloved friend had passed away from cancer. This story opened Mitches eyes. Later in the novel the reader sees Mitches’ attempt to rekindle his distant relationship with his on brother who was battling cancer in Europe. Mitch took Morries lessons to heart, although in the moment Mitch may not have seen it the same as Morrie, he came to realize that this man on his death bed had the power to see the beauty in all and that life had no meaning without the sheer surrender to loving others and not giving into what society tells us we need to be happy. In asking Mitch or Morrie who was able to get more out of the Tuesday meetings, both would say the other. Mitch would say that Morrie was able to acquire more form the meetings because it gave him a sense of purpose as opposed to just withering away in his bed and simply just dieing. These meetings gave Morrie something to look forward to because that was his passion to impart knowledge on others. Through Morries journey he...
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