Tuesdays with Morrie

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Tuesdays with Morrie Essay

Tuesdays With Morrie is a true story based on an older, dying man's outlook on life. Morrie Schwartz teaches his past student, Mitch Albom, about life as his body is slowly becoming weak from the Lou Gehrig's disease.  He shares his experiences and wisdom. He motivates everyone around him to live life without fear of death. Mitch had no idea what to expect in his years following his college graduation. He made a promise to his favorite professor, Morrie, that he would never lose touch. Later he became a successful sports journalist and then Mitch had lost touch with Morrie.  He knew that the time had come to go back to his professor. From that day on, Mitch spent each Tuesday with Morrie until his death. With Mitch's weekly visits, he learned some of the life lessons that no one could teach. Morrie was able to discuss what it was like to deal with a horrible disease with no cure and a slow dying process. Morrie had to depend on everyone around him. Morrie points out, “That until you learn how to die, you can’t learn how to live.” He points out that everyone should be prepared for death. That way you can actually be more involved in living. We see a significant change in Mitch and his values.  Mitch starts to learn what is important in life. He learns that rather than money and wealth, love and friendship is the most important. While Mitch had so much trouble accepting the fact that his mentor was draw nearing death, Morrie had an entirely different view on the situation.  Morrie accepted it and Mitch saw it as being something horrible. Morrie's ultimate goal in life became to help Mitch be at peace with living.  In conclusion, Morrie’s message was to not become preoccupied with death and dying, but to live the life that you have in a momentous way.  He believed that although death would soon take him, he wanted to teach others and share his ideas.  He truly inspired everyone around him and most importantly, Mitch. Morrie shared...
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