Tuesday with Morrie Lessons

Topics: Tuesdays with Morrie, Family, Prince Pages: 3 (1122 words) Published: January 29, 2013
Emily James
Second Tuesday with Morrie
Mitch goes to visit Morrie for the second time. Morrie is becoming less and less indepentdent every time Mitch goes to see him. His nurse now needs to help him with going to the the bathroom. Morrie is having a hard time waking up and doing everything that he used to be able to do with out being in pain. Mitch questions him and says why don't you just give up so you wont have to be in pain anymore. Morrie tells him that he shouldn't dwell to much on his physical state instead look forward to whats to come in the rest of his days. There is only a small state in mind to feel sorry for himself Morrie explains to Mitch. Mitch really enjoys going over to Morrie’s because it brings out the good in him that he forgot he had.

Morrie is a lot like my mom. My mom suffered from cancer a few a years ago. She had a attuide like Morrie where they stayed positive all the time. She didn't want to think of the negative outcome that could happen to her. She lived each day with pain but she knew she couldn't think about it because she had her job, family, and friends that needed her more than anything. I believe that if you have a attitude like Morrie you will be a lot happier and stronger for the rest of your life. She now one of the best role models out there for being a positive uplifting person even in worst sitiouns.

Fifth Tuesday with Morrie
Mitch goes to visit Morrie he notices that he is losing weight quickly. He notices his clothes are not fitting as well as they usually are. This Tuesdays they decide to talk about family and how important it is to have a families support through everything. In this Tuesday Morrie tells Mitch about the quote Love or perish which means if you don't love anyone you mines not live. Morrie also says that friends are great to have, but your family will be the ones always there and your family are going to be the ones that are going to be there surrounding you when you are about to go away, they...
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