Tuesday with Morrie Essay

Topics: Mitch Albom, Forgiveness, Tuesdays with Morrie Pages: 4 (791 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Anthony Luu
Ms. Curtis-September
October 21, 2012
Assignment 1
Regrets and Forgiveness
Imagine how pleasant life would be without any regrets. In one point in our lives, we have all done things that we have regretted, and these things have shaped us to become who we are. Linkin Park’s “What I’ve Done” would be a perfect theme song for Mitch Albom’s “Tuesdays with Morrie” for many reasons; this song reflects Mitch’s regretfulness towards his life, relates to Morrie’s story of the wave, and depicts one of Morrie’s important themes of forgiveness.

“What I’ve Done” reveals Mitch’s regrets in his decisions that have led him to be a workaholic journalist. Mitch, who, once “thought rich people were evil...”(Albom, 11) and “...promised to never work for money...”(11), have became someone that chases after money and success, and still feels unsatisfied. When the song quotes “What I’ve done/ I’ll face myself”(Park, Stanza 3), this connects to Mitch’s effort for happiness through his regular visits with Morrie. Morrie teaches Mitch that he has to face himself in creating his own culture and only then will he live a meaningful and live without regret. When the song quotes “To cross out I’ve become” (Stanza 3), this can relate to when Mitch lets go of his past values (at the end of the novel) and starts over again with Morrie’s lessons in life.

Morrie’s story of the wave relates to the song “What I’ve Done,” through the main idea that we are part of society, and our actions have a great influence upon others. When the song quote “Cause I’ve drawn regret/ From the truth/ Of a thousand lies” (Stanza 1), this can relate to culture that we live in. Mitch, who become suck into the rich culture of wealth and success have became a success journalist, and “...yet [Mitch] [remains], much of the time, unsatisfied” (11). The culture that we live in basically build on lies, and if we value these cultural values, it will result in a life filled regret. When the...
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