Tuesday With Morrie

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  • Published : October 13, 2013
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Title: Tuesday with Morrie

Author:Mitch Albom

Tuesday with Morrie is written based on the experience of Mitch. Morrie is the favourite professor of Mitch when he was in college. Morrie had ALS ,a fatal illness of the neurological system. Because of this illness, he started losing control of his body and cannot take care of himself. After 16 years leaving the college, Mitch saw Morrie again after the TV report about his experience. Mitch visited Morrie for many Tuesday afterwards. Every Tuesday, Morrie taught Mitch about different things in life. They have 14 lessons together and Morrie asked Mitch to release the story as a book and named as Tuesday with Morrie.

In my opinions, this is an educational and touching story. We can learn about truth of life from the lesson of Morrie. And we can also feel the friendship between Morrie and Mitch. Nowadays, the relationship between students and teachers are tense and there are only few cases like Morrie and Mitch. The whole story is around one topic─Death. Morrie talked a lot about death. Morrie was also facing death. But he didn’t face it with fear but with optimism.” When you know how to die, you know how to live.” People are always wasting their time on caring about news that don’t really relate to ourselves, but ignoring the people around us. But when you know your life is going to end soon, your attitude of thinking will change. You would like to spend more time with your family and live with objectives. Then, we are living a true life not wasting our time. Love is another topic that the story emphasizes on.” Love each other or perish.” Love is all around us in the world. Our family, our friends and our lover loves us. The love from them is the power that makes us not feeling alone. We receive love and we also pay love. To live a meaningful life is not only to receive but also to sacrifice. Sacrifice of love to others makes our life more meaningful. The favourite part of the book is...
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