Tuesday with Morrie

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  • Published : May 30, 2013
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In the story, the first thing I admire is Morrie’s optimistism. Morrie know she will soon die, but the remain scalm and accepts his withering body. Though he is upset about his suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (A.L.S.), he changes his attitude and thinks about the good things remaining in his life. He takes’ affecting others’ as his work as well. If I were in his shoes, I might give up in the early stages and give into death.

The second thing I appreciate is Morrie’s selflessness. Hanover hoards his timemeanlytospendthe last part of his life with his family. Instead, he uses his dwindling time to teach others the meaning of life through his own experience. It is inspiring that he enjoys communicating with different people who need his help, and this makes his time meaningful and rich.

I think Morrie is very creative as well. He holds funerals for himself when he is alive so that he can listen to what others say about him and have fun with them. Such a way of thinking inspires me a lot and broadens my horizon. I had never considered holding a funeral before death. Although his idea may not be well-received by Chinese because it would be considered unlucky, his idea makes sense. In light of this, I have realized that we are really bound tightly into the culture of our society. This limits our perspectives on traditions. Just as Morrie said ‘if the culture doesn’t work, don’t buy it’, we should distinguish whether the culture suits you or not and otherwise think in your own way. One point I deeply agree with Morrie is that ‘Death ends a life, not a relationship’. This sentence has real value and meaning. Of course, death can seal your mouth and stop you keeping in touch with others. Nonetheless, people who know Morrie are still able to remember him, be thankful for him and love him. From my understanding, the sentence can also mean that death can snatch the materialistic things from us, but can’t take away our spirit, like memories,...
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