Tucson Fire Department and Police Department Response to Flood Control

Topics: Public safety, Emergency management, Ambulance Pages: 2 (692 words) Published: April 2, 2011
Tucson Fire Department and Police Department Response to Flood Control

For this project I was designated the task of obtaining information from the Tucson Police Department and through their department gain knowledge of how the TPD responds to a Flood disasters. My first task was determining if the Police had a department that specialized in Disaster Relief and recovery. On their website I came across an email address for the Emergency Management Section which dealt with response to a natural disaster or crisis. I clicked on the link in an effort to reach someone from that department and found out the email link did not exist. So I called the Tucson Police non-emergency number and the officer that answered the phone had no idea that an Emergency department existed and transferred me to another station. When I got in contact with that station, they too did not know that an Emergency Management section existed, so they transferred me to another division where I came into contact with Sgt. Jennifer Turner. It took me three phone calls to the Police Department before someone knew of the Emergency Management Section. Sgt. Turner was an aid for a Lieutenant that is in charge of the Emergency Management Section. After many email conversations, she was unable to relay information to our group, but gave me a contact named Janet McClay, who is the Emergency Management Coordinator for the Tucson Fire Department. Mrs. McClay became a reliable source of information for our group by helping us understand how the Fire Department and also the Police Department respond to Floods or natural Disasters. Janet McClay is the Emergency Management Coordinator for the Police and Fire Department of Tucson. Her office is in charge of the operational upkeep for both Departments. She is responsible for making sure the Emergency Responders are at the highest level of readiness in order for them to serve the people. The Fire Department and Police are stationed every 2miles around town to...
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