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Marcus Mumford began his life’s journey on January 31st 1987. He was born in the golden state of California. The first six months of his life was spent in Anaheim with his family until they decided to return to their native land, England. Marcus Mumford and his family continue to visit the states every summer. Mumford grew up in Wimbledon Chase where, when he came of age, he attended King’s College School. It was there that he first met fellow future band member, Ben Lovett. After Mumford’s first year of study he decided to flee back to London to focus on his music career.

Only at the age of twenty five, Marcus Mumford’s nomadic lifestyle has already become evident. Even when he was a little boy, Mumford had already lived in a number of places. It was when his music career began that he really experienced life on the road. His music career kicked off when he played the drums on tour with Laura Marling, along with all the other future members of his band. At some point during the tour, Marcus became romantic with Laura Marling until they broke up on good terms in 2010. Mumford has now been happily married to British actress Carey Mulligan since April 21st 2012.

Mumford’s biggest accomplishments have been achieved being the lead vocalist and guitarist of the indie folk rock band, Mumford & Sons. Touring with Marling, gaining experience with important gigs and song writing is what made Marcus Mumford decide to start up the band in 2007. Their debut album Sigh No More, which Mumford penned most of while residing in Edinburgh, was released in 2009. In total the album sold about 2.5 million copies in the States and was placed at number two on the Billboard charts. The band has kept their success going strong and their new album Babel is expected to sell 600,000 copies in its first week out, taking its place as the top selling record of the year so far. The title presently belonging to Justin Bieber’s Believe only selling 374,000 copies in its debut week....
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