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Proposal Essay – Writing Project 3

This assignment is worth 25 points. Think about what you want to write about. What will be the focus of your proposal? Please answer all of the questions below using complete sentences. Please provide enough detail to answer each question. Type out your responses and submit this proposal on April 2.

1. What is the problem you are addressing?
The problem is plastic bag pollute the environment, and find the way to solve the problem.

2. What is your solution?
The solution is all the business store should provide reusable bags and when the customer use the reusable bags can gain award for next time shopping.

3. What is the controversy over this issue?
Many store provide free plastic bag and waste too much landfill zone , and those bag is hard to decompose and recycle, so become a big environment problem in our life.

4. Why is your solution the best solution?
In many country, plastic bag charge customer money . But, many people for convenience still will buy the plastic and some store feel charge bag fee will affect the business so their still provide plastic bags.However, my solution is use the way to save customer money for using reusable bags and consumption improve demand, thereby to protect the environment.

5. What two sources (research) are you using to support your proposal? I will use EBSCOhost and Google Scholar to support my sources.

6. Why should the public care?
Because nowadays environment is a big problem for human;global warming; many people dead for natural disasters.Thus, plastic is one of environment problems, public are care about it.

7. How confident are you with your topic?

I feel confident about my idea of this topic , I can help people save money and slove the environment problem.

8. What can I do to help you feel more comfortable with this next writing project?...
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