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Topics: Natural environment, Ecology, Narcissism Pages: 5 (1773 words) Published: April 9, 2012
Delaney Mossbacher; an individual who resides in the rural outskirts of Los Angeles, yet was raised in the upper-class, high-scaled city of Peekskill, New York, is a Liberal Humanist, an environmentalist, a nature columnist, a materialistic narcissist, and a hypocritical racist. He, who is a highly egotistical person, lives and strives for just two motives in his unnoticeably complex life which could intertwine into one. Nearly everything Delaney does, has done, will do, says, and thinks, all revolves around the power and concept of his constant need and hunger for the unceasing control and perfection in his life. The control of being in charge, the control of portraying how he wants to be perceived, the control of having self-satisfaction, the control of depicting his perfect life, made up of a perfect wife, having the perfect job of being a stay at home father, and living next to his very own perfect piece of nature in his materialistic mindset. Delaney relies on the controlled perfection he creates in order to succeed in his life and to gain what little self-satisfaction he can clinch on to, the controlled perfection he must generate in order to make up for the lack of social skills he possesses, the controlled perfection he constructs in order to keep his sanity, the controlled perfection that unexpectedly gave oxygen to his racist personality, and the controlled perfection that revealed his true identity of an egotistical narcissist. This control that Delaney retains and engenders gives him power and allows him to manipulate his life and render it to perfection. Perfection that in a way gives him physiological power that makes up for the lack of physical power he could ever possibly utilize or exert. Not necessarily the power of force, but to Delaney, having control and perfection gives him the power of presence that in a ways makes up for his lack of societal skills in which he does not possess. With all the power Delaney engulfs by being in control, he created what seemed to be the perfect life that wasn’t always there. “Delaney didn’t want to be on his own. That’s why he’d got married again; that’s why he’d been eager to take Jordan on, and the dogs, and all the joys and responsibilities of domestic life. He’d been on his own for eight years after he divorced his first wife, and that had been enough” (225 Boyle). Delaney did not enjoy his lifestyle he was living; therefore he controlled the situation to make it accommodate his needs although it took eight years to do so. From the time Delaney had taken to move on with his life, it has become well known that he is also an individual whom does not like change; change that can influence negative things in life, change that can throw him off of his routine, and change that can disrupt his controlled perfection. Having his life inevitably changing means that he would no longer be in control, and to be straightforward, Delaney is terrified of losing his regulation and power in life. The changes in just his community alone—the gate, the wall, the coyote, the Mexicans—are driving Delaney insane with the lack of control he can disperse. However, through this change, Delaney had gained an instant family which seemed to be perfect. That is besides the fact that Kyra is her own controller, rather than being manipulated, she is the manipulator, the boss, the head of their house-hold, and she wears the pants in the relationship. Delaney being the individual that he is, strongly dislikes that quality in her, however he settles to have no control over her to be able to have control over everything else. Delaney, in a sense of way needs, wants, and must have control over everything in his life to make up for the lack of control he has over Kyra. As though Delaney’s main motivations in life are control and perfection, the underlying motive is the fear of losing control of everything else on top of Kyra.

Furthermore, Delaney is an exceedingly unique individual...
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