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Awareness on Eye Pledging and Eye Donation
‘Gift Your Sight’ Campaign @ iGate Bangalore on 22nd Feb 2006

The campaign was conducted to increase the Awareness of Eye Donation among the public, as of now, Bangalore. This is in-line with my efforts to spread the message among the people of the Importance of eyes and Importance of eye donation, done after death. Lots of eyes are getting wasted, either thru burial of the dead body or thru burning. Instead of this, eyes can be donated so that a Corneally-blind person can get vision and will be able to see this beautiful world thru YOUR eyes! Each PAIR of eyes donated gives vision to TWO Corneally-blind persons!! Even though we cannot live forever, let our eyes live and give sight for the needy!

With this context, I set across to conduct a campaign in my company to spread the message among the people. First I spoke to my HR Manager here and gave him the big picture of what is this all about and what I plan to do in the campus. He immediately spoke to the Admin team and enquired about what needs to be done for this. Admin team informed that they just need to be updated about the date of the campaign so that they can check back if there are no other camp/stalls on that day. They advised me of setting up this counter in our Amphitheatre and as there is no shade here, they advised me to inform the Eye Bank people to bring an Umbrella. As this was just a counter kind of setup, all Lions International Eye Bank required was one table and 2 chairs. So, logistics wise there was no issues.

Finally, after the day of discussion with my HR and Admin, I put across a date of 22nd February for Lions Eye Bank and they confirmed me that it is fine with them. The same I communicated to my HR and Admin here. Admin in-turn got approval for setting up this counter from the concerned senior officials. And there, we were set to go to conduct this camp…(

I prepared a PowerPoint Presentation (PPT) about the Eye Donation concepts,...
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