Tsui Wah Interim Report

Topics: Hong Kong, Balance sheet, Issued share capital Pages: 39 (9430 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Tsui Wah Holdings Limited
(Incorporated in the Cayman Islands with limited liability)

Stock code

: 1314



Corporate Information Highlights Chairman’s statement Management Discussion and Analysis Report on Review of Interim Financial Information Condensed Consolidated Income statement Condensed Consolidated statement of Comprehensive Income Condensed Consolidated statement of Financial Position Condensed Consolidated statement of Changes in equity Condensed Consolidated statement of Cash Flows notes to Interim Financial Information other Information 02 03 04 05 08 09 10 11 13 14 15 23

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RegisteRed office
Cricket square, Hutchins Drive P.o. Box 2681 Grand Cayman KY1-1111 Cayman Islands

comPliance adviseR
fortune financial capital limited 35/F, office tower Convention Plaza no. 1 Harbour Road Wanchai Hong Kong

PRinciPal Place of business in Hong Kong RegisteRed undeR PaRt Xi of tHe comPanies oRdinance 3/F, tsui Wah Group Centre 50 Lai Yip st., ngau tau Kok, Kowloon Hong Kong

PRinciPal sHaRe RegistRaR and tRansfeR office
codan trust company (cayman) limited Cricket square, Hutchins Drive P.o. Box 2681 Grand Cayman KY1-1111 Cayman Islands

comPany secRetaRy
Mr. YAnG Dong John ( ) (HKICPA)

autHoRized RePResentative
Mr. Lee Yuen Hong ( Mr. YAnG Dong John ( ) )

Hong Kong sHaRe RegistRaR
tricor investor services limited 26th Floor tesbury Centre 28 Queen’s Road east Wanchai Hong Kong

audit committee
Mr. YIM Kwok Man ( Mr. GoH Choo Hwee ( Mr. WonG Chi Kin ( ) (Chairman) ) )

PRinciPal banKeR
Hang seng bank limited 83 Des Voeux Road Hong Kong standard chartered bank (Hong Kong) limited 15/F standard Chartered Bank Building 4–4A Des Voeux Road Central Hong Kong

RemuneRation committee
Mr. GoH Choo Hwee ( Mr. WonG Chi Kin ( Mr. Lee Yuen Hong ( ) (Chairman) ) )

nomination committee
Mr. WonG Chi Kin ( Mr. GoH Choo Hwee ( Mr. Lee Yuen Hong ( ) (Chairman) ) )

comPany website addRess

ernst & Young




for the six months ended 30 september 2012 2011 (HK$’000) (HK$’000) Revenue Hong Kong Mainland China Macau* ebitda Profit attributable to owners of the company basic earnings per share (HK cents) number of restaurants including jointly-controlled entities (As at 30 september) Hong Kong Mainland China Macau *

% change increase

486,968 401,495 80,432 5,041 97,931 64,783 6.48

358,936 314,282 42,090 2,564 69,852 46,681 4.67

35.7 27.7 91.1 96.6 40.2 38.8 38.8

20 4 1

16 2 1

Revenue from Macau represents revenue derived from the sale of food to a jointly-controlled entity of the Group.

InteRIM RePoRt 2012


CHAIRMAn’s stAteMent
I am pleased to announce the Group’s first interim results after its successful listing on the stock exchange of Hong Kong Limited (“stock exchange”) on 26 november 2012. the Company is the first Cha Chaan teng operator ever listed on the stock exchange. Cha Chaan tengs, originated from Hong Kong, signifies the hard-working, adaptive, and innovative spirits of Hong Kong people, who are also the driving force behind the “tsui Wah” brand. over the last two decades the Group has put in relentless efforts to provide Hong Kong customers with fast, quality, and pleasant Cha Chaan teng dining experience. the Board believes that it is through these efforts that the “tsui Wah” brand has established strong market recognition and support. the listing marks a special milestone in the Group’s development history and opens up brand-new opportunities for the Group’s future. For the six-month period ended 30 september 2012, the Group continued its expansion efforts with the successful openings of a new restaurant in Hong Kong, a new restaurant in shanghai, and a new restaurant in Wuhan. the Group is actively looking into suitable locations for establishing...
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