Tshirt Printing Feasibility

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Nowadays, almost all people suffer from the high cost and continuous increasing of prices of all the commodities especially in our country, even the garments and accessories that we have in the market. That is why people, especially those who belong in the class C, seek for alternatives that are more affordable. “Tiangge” is one of the places where people can find the most affordable outfit that they can buy. But facing the reality, high percentage of the garments sold in places like this does not have the high quality standard that buyers are looking for. Printed T-shirts, which is the main topic of this study, also stumbles up on its increasing price, which is why we have come up with a product that can replace with other shirts that we have in the market, the customized printed t-shirts, bags, accessories, etc. Universities like CLSU have their university shirts or organizational shirts, which is sometimes used by the students as their uniforms. Our business is targeting this opportunity for us to give them a uniquely designed t-shirts that will surely be appreciated by the students. In addition to this, we also aim to create our exceptional printing services personally designed for such events all year round in the vicinity of Muñoz, Nueve Ecija plus nearby places like San Jose City, Nueva Ecija. Presence of human labor in Muñoz, Nueva Ecija for production has made our business’ goals possible.

We aim to become one of the leading manufacturers, developer, and supplier of customized printed t-shirts using high quality materials with extra benefits to the consumers.

Live and let live company foresees itself as the number one manufacturer of high quality shirts all over the Philippines.

The objective of our company is to be more competitive in the market and to be the leading manufacturer and supplier of customized shirts in the Philippines.


Humans have been painting on fabric for thousands of years, basically since people started twisting and weaving fibers together to make the first fabrics. Techniques that were used to decorate the body began to be applied to the earliest fabrics that were developed. Two basic methods emerged: coloring (directly applying an image with color to the fabric) and patterning (painting or printing with resists in patterns and then coloring the fabric).The continent of Asia has a long history of decorating fabrics. Printing blocks have been discovered that date back to around 3000 BC! By 327 BC when Alexander the Great invaded India, colorfully printed and painted fabrics were commonly found. As trade routes began to develop, these beautifully patterned Indian fabrics were traded throughout Asia, Egypt and Greece. In the second century AD they made their way to Europe and Africa. At the same time in China, beautiful block printing on fabric was taking place. The Chinese introduced resist and stencil techniques to Japan. The Japanese developed this art into beautiful forms of patterning on fabric. In Peru, there have also been found some very early examples (around 200 BC) of resist techniques. Similar techniques were developing into unique forms in these different parts of the world and have evolved into what we know today as batik, tie-dye and shibori. COMPANY LOGO

We have come up with the business name “UNICO”, from its English term unique, since our focus is to create inimitable designs. Uniqueness is one big factor in buying clothes. People always want to be exceptional, to be different from others especially when it comes in clothing. Designs can be in a form of letters, drawings, pictures, etc., that will be created in the computer. The members of this business will be creating exclusive designs and even customers will have the option to give their personal designs to the members.

Our business conceptualized a production enterprise that will be a producer of...
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