Tsar Nicholas

Topics: Russia, Russian Empire, Vladimir Lenin Pages: 2 (737 words) Published: January 29, 2013
To what extent was Tsar Nicholas II responsible for the outbreak of the Russian Revolution in 1917

It was the political naivete and extreme obstinance of Tsar Nicholas II that led to the outbreak of the Russian Revolution . Some aspects of the Tsar's behaviour definitely contributed to the fall of Russia , however lots of these qualities were not weaknesses in his character, but rather poor leadership qualities . Some of the causes included Tsar Nicholas II's autocratic rulership, the socio-economic changes happening at the time , famine and also the outbreak of WWI. It can be argued that Tsar Nicholas II's autocratic rulership was a main cause of the Russian Revoultion . The working and lower classes did not have any say in how the country was run , and were tired of this . However such cannot be blamed soley on the Tsar's own decisions , as aristocracy was instilled in him by his father , Alexander III . Therefore , if their were any doubts about Nicholas' belief in autocracy , they would have been put to rest . Because of this long running autocratic rulership, and the unfairness which came along with it , people were at their wits end and grabbed onto the first opportunity they saw as a chance at democracy . This is why Lenin - who promised the people bread, peace and land was able to get such a large following in such a short period . There were other very big factors that contributed to the revolution that the Tsar had little do to with . There were massive socio-economic changes taking place . This created a new class of factory workers . The working class , mostly the peasants - who comprised of 84% of the Russian population - were moved to the city to work in factories . Little could have been done about this as products had to be manufactured in the country , as trade routes were cut off due to WWI . On one hand , due to Tsar Nicholas II autocratic policies, there were no trade unions,to look out workers rights. For that reason living and working...
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