Trying Out Your Ethics Skills - Essay

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Trying Out Your Ethics Skills

Trying out your ethics skills applies in many ways. In some of the cases you will be evaluating the ethics of conduct after the fact. In those situations, your recommendations and resolutions will center on reforms and perhaps recompense for the parties affected. Although you now have a list of the categories of ethical breaches and many different models for resolution, you may still be wondering about the process for analyzing cases. • Put your self-learning objectives:

1. What ethical challenges do managers likely face?
2. Why are ethics relevant to principles of management? 3. What decision-making framework can you use to help integrate ethics into your own principles of management? • Values and Code of Ethics:

1. Integrity
2. Passion for winning
3. Leadership
4. Trust
5. Ownership
Make no mistake about it: When you enter the business world, you’ll find yourself in situations in which you’ll have to choose the appropriate behavior. A typical part of the conversation, after we've delved into the major issues, often involves the idea of how to get "better" at ethics. The advantages of ethical leadership qualities go beyond the decision-making process itself. Generally, an ethical environment is one where leaders are able to: •Look at ethical dilemmas from a variety of perspectives

•Reframe issues that appear to be ethical dilemmas
•Take action with a sense of ethical standards
•Exhibit the characteristic of conscious reflection. This may take the form of talking through the dilemma to arrive at the most appropriate solution.

Trying out our ethic skill in leadership and many ways will help understand what is going around us. It will help us thru out are life.

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