Truths About Filipino Should Know

Topics: Supreme Court of the United States, Woman, Supreme court Pages: 3 (1172 words) Published: November 21, 2010
The truths every Filipino should know…

Today, I will write a manifesto. I’d like to correct the perception that my generation is apathetic to the state of the nation. Issues of policy, of poverty, of the national economy—all these are supposedly beyond the scope of our interest. It is not true, but such is our inexperience that we look toward the obvious superiority of our elders to determine how to go about our lives, to set our moral and ethical standards, to fix upon our minds the path of truth and virtue in a society in constant battle with sin.

I am, after all, only 23, and brought up to have the highest respect for authority and government. I admire the virtuous ladies of the Court of Appeals, have great regard for our brave men in uniform, and indeed, much higher for the gentlemen of the Commission on Elections. Let me tell you what I’ve learned, from the events of the past week, from headlines and the interviews I have seen on television. Let me tell you about the truths I have concluded from the wisdom of my elders. I have learned, first, that a man accused of torture, perjury, and the wholesale murder of dozens—by no less than the Supreme Court and the United Nations—is precisely the sort of man fit to sit in the House of Representatives. Irrelevant, for example, of the testimonies of escaped political prisoners Oscar Leuterio and Raymond Manalo—whose flight to the witness stand led to the 2008 decision of the Supreme Court that Palparan was responsible for the disappearances and subsequent rape of University of the Philippines students Sherlyn Cadapan and Karen Empeño—and in spite of the fact that a commission established to look into the rash of political disappearances recommended the investigation of the Honorable Jovito Palparan, the Commission on Elections permitted the party-list group Bantay—also known as True Marcos Loyalists—to represent the “marginalized and underrepresented sector” of the military in Congress “to implement the...
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