Truthful Writting

Topics: AIDS, HIV, Human trafficking Pages: 2 (815 words) Published: December 7, 2012
Judith Mondesir
Ms. Snedeker-bobber
AP Lang
19 April 2012
Whether or not you’ve noticed it, people are being sold for sex, but many people in society don’t realize the real issue behind this practice. We’re re-living a time of slavery where people are being kidnapped and sold into sex slavery. In certain places in the world, authorities just don’t care. Even the police, teachers, parents, and friends turn the other eye to the issue. If we’re going to reduce kidnappers, persecutions, crimes, and fear we must end human trafficking. Well here’s what we should do, each family must choose one member to submit to human trafficking. The only way women will be able to be admitted into the trade is if they’re 12-26, slender, fair skin, stand middle height and also be voluptuous. We don’t care about race, hair types, eye color, and what language you speak because all of you will be sold for the same reason. I’m asking of the opposite sex to be tall, lean, fair skinned, in shape, good in length. Don’t think you will have to be trained to do this because this will come to you naturally. There is no expectations unless the child hasn’t gone through puberty even then we will accept them if they are beautiful. Now they’ll be some families who won’t agree with this and to you I say you will go to jail until you realize this is the right way. I’m not just proposing to sell your body to random people but there will still be a few of you selling drugs. Did you think human trafficking is just about sex? No it’s all about money, sex, and drugs in this business. The families will also make extra money off their members for selling the drugs along with the little cut they get from submitting them to trafficking. The drugs you will be selling are ecstasy, weed, cocaine, and marijuana. Some of you will think you can steal some of the drugs and you’ll never get away with it, this is a lie. I’m warning you if you do steal my drugs you will end up in a special section...
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