Truth or Happiness

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Brave New World Essay


In Brave New World, written by Aldous Huxley, one may find many emotions directed from characters, the author, and themselves, however, most notably the emotion called “happiness”. In this novel, nearly all of the character find happiness within sex or soma, and let the government provide them with happiness; however, a few characters try to find and derive happiness within themselves. Astonishingly, the government is run on defining the people’s well-being, rather than let the people define it themselves. Bernard Max and John are some characters who feel as if they want to feel emotions. Many emotions are caused by happiness such as love, relief, and beliefs. These emotions help shape people today, and these are emotions controlled by the society in this novel. People in this society are not truly happy, and do not know how to have emotions. In this novel, the truth and happiness are portrayed as polar opposites, in which one undoubtedly would see happiness as far more superior than the truth, because happiness creates many shaping emotions, helps satisfy needs and wants, and provides life. There is only one way to be happy- to spend your life your own way, rather than the society's.

The major difference between the truth and happiness is that happiness tries to satisfy needs and wants. Happiness can occur without the truth. A major concept to which many feel true is that happiness can also occur when the truth is told. When the truth is told, many may feel better, but others would feel ashamed for lying; thus they would be further depressed. Within happiness many would feel fine even without knowing a lie told to them. Happiness satisfies your wants in many ways, such as allowing you to access yourself and truly understand yourself. In this novel Bernard does not feel happiness but rather jealousy towards others, and if he could have access to inner happiness, he would truly feel less jealousy. The truth only allows...
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