Truth Is the Only Safe Ground to Stand on

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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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Truth has always been authentic. It dropeth like a rain to cleanse you from all your lies. It reaches the utmost peak of the mountains to save you from all anxiety and burdens, life has to offer. It stretches unto you to tap you and say, "You are free, I'd set you free". It goes beyond your boundaries, break your fences and enter your life full of lie. That's truth! Truth prevails. It may somehow make impossible things possible. It could overlook lies but foresees your prevailing end. Truth does exists. It can be a nightmare to anyone. You can actually see the truth even when you sleep. It opens your close fists and it spreads more than a thousand miles beyond eternity.

What life has to offer is for you to tell the truth. It's your only safe ground to stand on, hold unto your faith and defeat your fears. Telling the truth is not that easy for everyone. It's like taking up a board exam, it bleeds. Really, it bleeds. But how if this truth will lead you to a brighter world where you can see clearly what really life has to offer? Will you choose to lie and be forever guilty of your acts? Then, take it or leave it! The decision is in you. No matter how fast or slow things may happen, you're the answer to your question because in life, there's always your shadow behind you.

Everything sucks except your nose. If you think telling a lie is an immortal sin, better change like global warming. If you're bothered of what you read, I'm sorry! I'M JUST TELLING THE TRUTH!
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