Truth Is an Objective

Topics: Salem witch trials, Witchcraft, Magic Pages: 1 (373 words) Published: June 21, 2008
The basis of truth comes from the perspective of an individual is not quite accurate. One many come to the conclusion that they obtain enough proof to explain for example an action, In the end however, the inner purpose of the action is the entire truth which cannot be solved merely through research.

Take for instance the well known novel To Kill A Mockingbird. The main storyline displays that the society tends to blame those who pertain a lower rank. In this novel the lower rank character, Tom Robinson, is suspected to an abuse case which did not proceed in. Through various trials trying to portray his innocence, Tom eventually was proven not guilty merely from the fact that the victim was abused by her father. The townsmen and jury came to the conclusion that the this particular evidence proved his freedom and explained the whole story. What the cast of people seem be missing is the truth behind the abuse. By not answering questions to why the abuse even occurred or what was the purpose of this incident, the townsmen are blinded from the truth.

Going back in the era of the Salem Witch Trial presents yet another example of truth being an objective. A group of women during the time stirred up an idea of blaming those they hated in possessing magical powers. Through constant attack and lies, the women managed to put the innocent victims on trial, eventually leading to the victims death. After much consideration, the people who were condemning the deaths came to the conclusion that after all the magical powers had been merely a set up. All though the set up had been discovered, none of the people know why these false claims came about in the first place.

The truth is something that tends to hinder itself from human nature but instead offers others to come up with ideas leading to somewhat of a truth. Through discovering the innocence of a man or figuring that magic's existence had been false only provides information which individuals seem to come to...
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