Truth in Advertising

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  • Published: January 9, 2013
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Final Paper: Truth in Advertising
Jason Miklacic
ADM 323
Professor Fry
November 6, 2012

Ethics are an important aspect of marketing and truth in advertising. Advertising that is not based on ethical decisions leaves the consumer at a disadvantage and gives the seller the upper hand with sellers often only paying attention to profits. The need for ethical controls and decisions in the world of marketing is growing as the desire to market products continues to grow. Ethical decisions are important for a various of reasons but the most important is to protect the rights of the consumer. Consumers need to be protected from false advertising other questionable marketing tactics. Advertisements are information provided by a seller or manufacturer. These advertisements can be in the form of ads on the television, radio, internet, newspapers, and magazines. It can also come in the form of information from a sales person as they attempt to sell a consumer a product. Advertisements generally are truthful in nature. However they can be false and misleading. It is these false or misleading ads that cause ethical questions to be raised in regards to marketing. False advertisement is untrue or misleading information that is presented by a seller in order to entice the consumer to buy their product. Each state has its own set of consumer protection laws that protect consumers against unfair competition and deceptive advertising practices. These laws apply to print, radio, or television ads that are seen in that state. Some common state laws include protection against various types of false advertising. One area that is not highly regulated in regards to truth in advertising is the Internet. Because the Internet spans all boundaries the local advertising laws are difficult to apply to ads that are posed or seen online. There are several types of false advertising practices that are commonly used. One of these is known as the bait and switch technique....
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