Truth and Honesty

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Moral-education article: Honesty is the best policy.

What does "honesty is the best policy" mean:
You should always tell the truth, even when it seems as if it would be useful to tell a lie.

Well-known honesty stories:
It was the favorite motto of America's first President:
I hold the maxim no less applicable to public than to private affairs, that honesty is always the best policy. - George Washington

The moral of Aesop's fable "Mercury and the Woodcutter," a story about two woodcutters - one is honest, the other is not.

Honesty makes us brave and strong.
Honesty makes us brave and strong. We are not afraid of anybody or anything. Honesty could lead us to face some problems; nevertheless, we are loved and respected by others. Problems are cured themselves later thanks to the understanding of everyone on our situations.

Honesty is the best policy in relationships:
Honesty builds up good relationship in family, marriage, friends... So, in close relationships, it is the best policy to be honest in every aspect of life.

People in close relationships are those who have many activities and practices with us in everyday life; consequently they easily find out what we have told them truths or lies in later short time. Reasons why they may detect the untrue are that we do not remember a lie we have given, then there appears a contradiction between what have been told and what we say later, and that they may get the fact through other people around.

People in close relationships, for examples family, close friends, colleagues…, are those who give us happiness and joys. Dishonesty can easily break the relationships, which then put us in sorrow, sadness and even regret for some time.

Dishonesty may shine for just a short time while honesty do for a great long time

Dishonesty may earn money, power and success. However, all these stay for just a short time. Dishonesty cannot face the fact itself.

Honesty then shines to push dishonesty...
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