Truth About Christopher Columbus: the Man Behind a Genocide

Topics: Slavery, Native Americans in the United States, Indigenous peoples of the Americas Pages: 3 (1174 words) Published: October 6, 2012
Truth about Christopher Columbus: The Man behind a Genocide
“…Christopher Columbus sailed to the end of the world and discovered the Americas”-Mary Tucker. This depiction of Columbus’ journey summarizes what nearly every American grew up learning about Christopher Columbus. That Columbus was a hero making contact between the worlds of Native America and Europe which eventually developed into the America we know today. We are told that Columbus was a tenacious and courageous navigator who sailed across the Atlantic because he wanted to prove the world was round. He is described to have loved adventure and the high seas, and that he was a hero. We are taught this from elementary school all the way through the end of our senior year in High school. Why is it, that at such an early age we are exposed to a lie about one of America’s founders? Is it as David Eagleman describes in his article The Moral of the Story; that it is a moral and humanistic obligation to persuade those who are young, that great things are accomplished by only those who are good natured and that the land they live on was discovered by a courageous and heroic man? This is only made clear in children books which are littered with aspiring visualizations of Christopher Columbus sailing to shore and graciously becoming good friends with the Native Americans. But sadly this description is far from the true nature of Christopher Columbus because behind his false heroic legacy is a gruesome reality. The Christopher Columbus whom we are taught to admire is responsible for stealing land from the indigenous population, causing the deaths and disruption of many Native American lives, which by current humanitarian dictates is considered genocide, and the installment of the first slave trade.

Christopher Columbus was responsible for the enslavement as well as the direct and indirect killing of millions of Native Americans. One Spanish crew member, who accompanied Columbus, wrote in his journal that there...
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