The truth of love and defeat
By: Kia Winn & Sasha Roper
The truth of love and defeat
By: Kia Winn & Sasha Roper

* Sean, 13 years old boy
* Sunny, 17 years old girl
* Sam, 15 years old boy
* Simon, 16 years old
* Katie, 17 years old girl
* Liam, 18 years old boy
* Jay,17 years old girl
* Amber,13 years old girl
* Angel,15 years old girl
* Bea,16 years old girl
* Henry,17 years old boy
* Kenny,15 years old boy
* Dylan,18 years old boy
* James,28 years old boy
* Jessica,29 years old girl
* Jazz,17 year old girl
* Stelia,18 years old girl
* Ruby,15 years old girl
* Jack,15 years old boy
* Justin,17 years old boy
* Danny,17 years old boy
* Sam,17 years old boy
* Naruto,18 years old boy
* Sauce,19 years old boy
* Calvin,13 years old boy
* Tucker,19 years old boy

(Jay opened the door and it didn’t open.)
Jay: Hello, is there someone in there?
Jazz: Yeah
Jay: Can I come in?
Jazz: Yeah but who are you!
Jay: I’m Jay I’m 17 years old I like to play the guitar and I hate fame. Jazz: Too much information anyways I’m Jazz and I’m 16.
(Jay opens the door and walks in)
Jay: Cool place you got here
Jazz: Thanks
Jay: You’re welcome
(Jay looks around and notices someone in the corner.)
Jazz: So yeah
Jay: So who’s that?
Jazz: That’s emo Chris but call him Justin.
Jay: Okay, is he looking for a girlfriend?
Jazz: No!
Jay: Oh…okay
Jazz: Wait why did you ask?
Jay: Cause I have a sister who’s looking for someone?
Jazz: Oh maybe he’ll go for her.
Jay: Okay, I’ll tell my sis
Jazz: I will show you around the house.
Jay: That will be nice
(Jazz shows the first floor)
Jazz: Here’s Stelia’s room
Jay: Her room is pretty
Stelia: Hi, who are you
Jay: I'm Jay and I'm 17.
Stelia: Hi I'm Stelia
Jay: You have a pretty room
Stelia: Thanks
Jazz: Next is Rubies room
Jay: Awesome
Ruby: Who the hell are you?
Jay: I'm Jay...
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