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Rank Structure
Pvt Kim
10 Dec 2012

The importance of rank structure is to assign levels of responsibility to soldiers. Much like the civilian world those of a lower rank are equivalent to entry level employees. While the higher rank enlisted members would be equivalent to mid level management who controls day to day operations. And the commissioned officers are just like a boss of a company and have a lot of responsibilities to take care of in a business. The lowest rank in the army starts out with:

Private (E-1) - The lowest rank in the military. Once you are in basic training you would start out as being a private. A private’s job is to obey all orders from a higher rank and succeed it as best as you can. A private does not have a insignia which they are called “fuzzies”.

Private (E-2) – A private that’s an E-2 is not much different than an E-1. You would still carry out orders from the higher rank and complete all orders that are given from the higher rank. The way you get promoted to E-2 is after you complete basic training and AIT.

Private First Class (E-3) – A private first class is also not that much different from an E-1 or an E-2. You would obey and complete all orders of his or hers best knowledge. Private first class may have a little m ore responsibilities than an E-1 or and E-2 just because he or she has served in the military for at least a year unless he or she had prior experience with the military.

Specialist (E-4) Specialist has served in the army for at least two years or has gotten a bachelors degree in college. Being a specialist has more responsibilities to take care of than the privates. At this stage you will be able to manage other soldiers in lower rank.

Corporal (E-4) A corporal shares the same pay grade as a specialist. The only differences between the two ranks are that a corporal is the base of a Non- Commission officer. A Corporal may direct the activities of other soldiers.

Sergeants (E-5) Sergeants are the...
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