"Trust Me" by John Updike - First Draft

Topics: Mother, Swimming pool, Family Pages: 2 (680 words) Published: February 27, 2011
Standing shivering on the wet tile edge of the pool, aware to his white skin, his father telling him to jump; There is blue –green water all around him he can’t breath he is sinking. One event, small or big, bad or good, is enough to shape and change one life. There is one event for Harold the main character of “trust me” that changed and influenced his life. Besides not being able to swim after almost drowning in the swimming pool, it seems that Harold also had had emotionally scars which developed into trust issues with his family and relatives. It first started with his mother, who at the same event where he almost drowned, choose to take out her anger by slapping his father instead of embracing Harold making him feel secure. The public embarrassment of his mom slapping and yelling at his dad is bigger than the embarrassment of being drowned. “His mother anger seemed directed at him as much as at his father” (page 2) and he can’t trust her for her anger. The story implied that Harold developed trust issues with all the women in his life. And it is almost the same pattern with each one of the. His first wife was afraid of flights but when Harold tells her “Either you fly or resign from the twentieth century’ (page 3) she trusted him and had many over seas journeys with him. Once they encounter a life threatening event in one of their flight she doesn’t fly with him anymore which can interpreted to an action that shows she lost her trust in him. They separated a year after. When his daughter came to him in pain, she came to her dad because she trusted him, but once he tried to help her “her eyes widened with fear of worse pain” (page 5). Harold accused her “you don’t trust me” (page 5). Although he is trying to be patient and gentle to his daughter unlike his mother, he still can’t help her. Harold’s girlfriend trusted him when he convinced her to ski from the top of the mounting in spite of her novice skills. When his...
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