Trust in Work Place

Topics: Employment, At-will employment, Wage Pages: 1 (345 words) Published: March 13, 2012
Trust in the workplace
I feel trust in the workplace is very important as it builds a bond between the employer and the employee and without this bond it can cause a wide variety of problems within a workplace. Trust with the workplace I believe creates a good strong working relationship between employees at all levels and goes towards making the company a good place to work and will encourage all employees to give that extra little bit to help the company profit and save money Part of building trust in a workplace is ensuring that everyone from Senior management down to employees on the shop floor are kept up to date with any changes that are going to happen as if people are not informed it can cause dissatisfaction and cause the trust between Management and employees to be broken which in turn could lead to bigger problems such as high labour turnover. I feel a big part of building trust between employer and employee is ensuring from day 1 that both sides are aware of what is expected from each other and that throughout their employment employees are always informed of any changes and from these changes what is expected of them going forward. There should be a positive nature of employment relationship from the start. Employers and staffs work in the basis of what they expect from one another.'Trust' is the basic need for any staff or employer to improve day by day .We can expect positive outcomes if the trust builds. It is a chain reaction, for example...the employer selects the employees trusting they will deliver their job to their best with their skills, responsibility, time management etc. The employee beliefs in career growth, job security, receive fair wages and benefits, reasonable work load and so one....if any of this is not satisfied; normally the trust issue occurs from both the sides. It is rightly said by Douglas McGregor-"Trust is a delicate property of human relationships, even a single action -perhaps misunderstood-can have powerful effects."
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