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Trust Bank Ltd.

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  • April 22, 2011
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As a part of partial fulfillment of MBA program, students are required to undergo organizational process for gaining experience by working in the business organization. At the same time the students require to write a report on a research project that may be given as a requirement by the organization or can be selected by the student in consultation with the institutional advisors.

Accordingly, due to the affiliation with The Trust Bank Limited (The TBL) and previous exposure to employee related issues, ‘Employees’ Job Satisfaction in the TBL’ was chosen as the subject by the researcher. It is believed that this analysis including the recommendations will be of some importance both for the client and the researcher. This research paper will hopefully help in enhancing the image of TBL by improving employees' job satisfaction significantly.


The objective of this paper is to prepare a report in the form of research study as a partial fulfillment of the MBA program.


Here, in this research paper, the image of The TBL has been explored in the form of its present state from the employees' job satisfaction. The necessary steps require to improve the image have been demanded from this research study through both quantitative and qualitative analysis. The dimension of the study has been kept limited within the city of Dhaka because of time and resource constraints.


4.3.1 Type of Research
Both quantitative and qualitative methods will be carried out in the research. Qualitative method part of the research will be discussed under the head of exploratory research in analysis and interpretation section of the research part of the paper.

4.3.2 Target Population

The population of the research should ideally include all bankers serving in Bangladesh. However, due to time and resource constraint, employees of TBL are targeted as the key population. Few other contemporary banks’...
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