Trust and Interpersonal Relationship Paper

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Team, Interpersonal relationships Pages: 2 (406 words) Published: November 11, 2010
Trust and Interpersonal Relationships

Mimi Pham

University of Phoenix

MGT-521 Management

Professor: Dr. Cornel Jones

October 9th, 2010.

Trust and Interpersonal Relationships

When working in teams, is trust assumed or do team members have to earn that?

Interpersonal relationship is directly impacting to the team project performance. When working in teams, working relationship between team members is important in effecting collaboration and project success which are believed to base on trust. Trust is a critical element in building quality relationship. Trust among the team members is associated with demonstrating cooperation, keeping commitments and dedicating mutual goals when working in team project. Therefore, trust should be assumed at the first place when the team is formed.

Consider how trust is lost when working in teams and how to keep trust among team members.

When working in teams, team member must trust each other to accomplish a task because getting a work done involves in other people, and demands cooperation and collaboration. When trust is lost, the conflicts may arise. Team member has no intention to cooperate, compromise, and reach an agreement in order to work together to get things done. Once trust is lost, it takes many commitments, efforts, and proven fulfillments to rebuild trust. The difficulty of rebuilding trust can be like a Vietnamese old saying “Once the glass that held the water is broken, it cannot be refilled”.

Working in teams, to keep trust among team members, individuals need to always demonstrate the standards and expectations that the team sets for each member. Individuals must take accountability for their actions and responsibilities, keep commitments and promises, and avoid taking excessive advantage. For instance, when team sets a dead line for each member’s assignment upon team’s agreement. Team member should keep a promise to fulfill his/her quality assigned project on time as...
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